Workshop Sharath Jois in Madrid

4/8 September 2018

Photo: José Carballal

Sharath Jois, or known by his students as Sharathji, is an example for us; therefore, we are honored and pleased to organize his first encounter with the practitioners of our country and our city, Madrid.

We could give a lot of information about him; share a detailed biography about his career and his enormous experience, both as a practitioner and a teacher of this most valuable and necessary discipline. Most practitioners of this community know how deep his engagement has been and continues being with his own daily practise (the most advanced practice in the world, learnt directly from his teacher during more than two decades), and with the correct and precise transmission of it. Moreover, Sharathji has been during his whole life a yogui, loyal to his own evolution and to the one acquired from his teacher to maintain this tradition alive, in the same way as many previous teachers did. For this reason, he received the honorable title of PARAMAGURU (representative of the lineage) of Ashtanga yoga.

However, it is not about how advanced his asana practise is; how famous he is in the yoga world, or the reputation that he has obtained as a yoga teacher over the years, what made him being our teacher. It is the fact of giving day after day the right example what made us call him our Guru.

It is really inspiring to see Sharathji arrive at the shala in Mysore, every morning at 4 a.m. Over the 16 years that we have been travelling to Mysore to learn from him, he has never skipped one class… We have seen him arriving tired, with deep dark circles, ill, coughing, with a mask to avoid infecting this students, limping, with clear gestures of pain while putting his hands on his back…. But he ALWAYS attends his classes. And he stays until the last student leaves. Sometimes his teaching hours exceed the most demanding working hours that we have in the West, but on top of that, his work is physical and in some cases even harder mentally. Even then, his sense of duty and engagement with the practice has always been his priority. This is exactly what we understand by “giving the right example”. Nowadays, the world is full of posers, who show off exaggerated merits that they often don’t even have. In times of followers, of exhibition and of fame without merits, his example of daily effort, constant dedication, day after day, is for us the guarantee of authenticity.

Sharathji es a complex and complete yoga guru. He is complex because he has been immersed during many years in the subtleties of the practice without disconnecting himself from the material world, to which he belongs and which he approaches from a, in our opinion, virtuous and balanced place. He is not enlightened. He has not gone beyond our daily reality. But in the way he relates to it, he shows many yogic qualities to which we aim when we practice yoga, as a technique to achieve the highest levels of consciousness. He have seen him in good and bad moments, facing success and adversity. But these terms did not correspond to his attitude towards these conditions. We admire and aspire to his capacity to keep equable, to defend and realize what he beliefs, no matter what the consequences are. To keep calm when life is being good and when darkness comes. His interior strength seems to grow every year, and that is what makes us having confidence in him.

He is also known as a complete guru, because he has known two realities. We consider that this is exactly what makes him one of the most qualified yoga teachers to teach Western students. On the one hand, he learnt from a very pure approach, very “Indian Guru”. This tradition, this lineage that he represents has penetrated his mind and his way of transmission, and has a presence that can either scare or touch people. On the other hand, since he was very little, he has been exposed to the Western world. He shared practice and free time with students of his grandfather, whom he joined at a very young age on his tours in the West. He has grown up and learnt from both cultures and mentalities. Therefore we feel that he has a deep and correct understanding of the Western mentality and society. This is also reflected in his way of teaching, in the benefit of all of us.

He is a teacher who represents the purest tradition, but who also lives in our modern world; the material world in which we all live, with all its difficulties. He is a husband and a father of a family, a family for which he lives and works, as many of us do. An adorable family who supports him and shows many yogic values. His wife Shruthi is extremely kind and generous, always with a smile, always interested in how you feel, and is a fantastic host who never lets you leave without a nice chat with coffee. His children are loving and funny kids, and without spending a lot of time with them, you immediately feel how much they love their parents. They are a normal, united family, just as many families of his students are.

Sharath Jois is not a “cave teacher”, we share the same society with him. He lives and fights against the same conflicts against which we all fight. He is, in summary, a very human teacher. He has his skills and his errors, but we firmly believe that he always has the best intention and that his efforts to transmit this practice is sincere and effective. Who better than him to understand us and to guide us in this journey?

His way of teaching has little to do with his skills in Asana, which he also has, or with his extensive knowledge of yogic philosophy and texts. His mastery consists of something very simple. Outside the yoga shala, he continues teaching us for example. And this happens just naturally without forcing it, because it the result of a whole life dedicated to this practice with its transforming qualities, of which he is the best example in our opinion. That is the reason why he is our teacher. And also for this reason we travel to India every year to continuing learning from him. Therefore, we would like you all to know him. Bringing our teacher, our living example of yoga to our home is a great privilege and dream come true.

Recently, we asked Sharathji: “Having a shala in Mysore to which thousands of students travel each year, why do you make the effort (leaving your family, suffering jet legs, changes in diet and in temperature) to travel to other countries when you don’t need it?” His answer was: “Not all students have the chance to travel to Mysore to learn. That is why I also try to reach these places in the world, to give these students the opportunity to know me, being in contact with me for a few days and learn with the traditional teaching method. That is what my teacher did, so now it is my turn.”

We really hope that we are able to transmit to Sharathji how grateful we are for such a significant gesture.

Photo: Alessia Campostrini

Photo: José Carballal

The course consists of 5 primary led classes and a conference. The participants need to know the sequence of the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga. If you have never practiced this discipline, this course is not suitable for you. Only those students who at least arrive to finish all standing poses can assist to this course. The classes start at 7:15 a.m. and finish at 8:45 a.m. approximately.

The conference will take place on Friday 7 September at 16:30 p.m. at the same place.


The course will take place in the sport centre of the school “Nuestra Señora del Recuerdo” (address: Plaza del Duque de Pastrana, 5)

Underground: Duque de Pastrana (line number 9)
Buses: L 14, 70, 107 & 129
Public parking 24 hours: Calle Hiedra, 26 (Acceso también por c/ Marqués de Burgos)

To assist at the event, we have the following recommendations for you to take into account:

  • Be on time, bring your yoga mat and everything you need for your practice.
  • We do not have yoga mats, towels, spray or water that you could use. Please make sure the size of your yoga mat is standard, we won´t accept extra large mats!
  • Show your access card every morning upon arrival.
  • Only the participants have access to the shala.
  • It is not allowed to take photos or videos during the classes.
  • Take off your shoes before entering the room where the classes take place.
  • Put your mat on the floor following the instructions of the assistants and your belongings in the seats of the installations.
  • Keep the floor free of every object that is not necessary for your practice.
  • Sharathji reserves his right to stop anyone who does not perform asana correctly in his/her practice. Please be respectful when this happens.
  • To book a space on the workshop, please send us an email at:


foto:Tom Rosenthal

Photo: José Carballal

We have participated in several tours of Sharathji and for us it has always been a very nice and enriching experience. Copenhagen, Stockholm, London, Miami, New York…. Great cities with much to offer; especially when we can do our daily practice with our teacher and feel the energy of the community. This is something very special, which we recommend to live at least once. We are immensely happy that we can offer this opportunity to everyone.

Please click on this link to get all the info you might need, so you can get the best our of our city during your visit:


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Madrid offers a wide variety of accommodation options for all tastes and budgets. Bearing in mind that this course will welcome hundreds of people with different preferences, we suggest that participants manage their own reservation by choosing the most suitable option for them: hotels, hostels, Airbnb etc. A good option would be to find accommodation in the same area as the Workshop which is called Chamartin (Barrio Castilla). This neighborhood is not particularly close to the city center and not especially attractive but it is convenient to be nearby the Workshop location. Another option would be to stay in a more centrally located neighborhood and use public transportation (the subway would be ideal taking into account the Workshop’s schedule), also sharing a taxi / Uber to get there in the morning.
We recommend that you consider the subway’s proximity and the number of connections needed to get to the course before choosing where to stay!

We recommend the following neighborhoods:

Photo: José Carballal


The number of vegan establishments which have been added to the existing offer of lacto-ovo vegetarian restaurants has exponentially grown in the last year, making it impractical to list the countless options in this guide. Therefore, only the most interesting and original places are included looking at the following criteria: overall quality, treatment and price, prioritizing the 100% vegetarian, organic and ethically responsible options.

Additionally, if you wish to obtain more detailed information we recommend installing the app “Happy Cow” (you can easily filter search results by location and other criteria) and checking the websites Madrid Vegano ( and Veg Madrid (

Quick guide:


La Colectiva (“Vrunch” S y D), Rayén Vegano (S y D), Chilling Cafe, La encomienda, Organic Market, Pum pum café


Viva Burguer, El Perro Gamberro, Pura Vida, Masa Madre, Punto Vegano, Territorio Vegano


Chilling Cafe, La Colectiva, Organic Market, Bunnys Deli, Celicioso


Pizzie Dixie, Vega, Organic Market, Punto Vegano

…Romantic dinner

La Encomienda, Level, Crucina, Rayén Vegano

…Lunch/dinner with friends

Superchulo, Pizzie Dixie, Viva Burguer, La Encomienda, Honest Greens, La Hummusería

…Super sweet

Delish Doughnut, Malvys Shakes, Celicioso

…100% healthy

La Colectiva, Bunnys Deli, Crucina, Level Bistro, Rayén Vegano, Urban Orchad, Fit Food.

…fast food & cheap

B13, Shi Shang, La Hummusería

…Take away

Urban Orchad, B13, Bunnys Deli, Fit food

…Ice cream

Mamá Elba, Sani Sapori, Cadenas “Amorino” y “La Romana”, polos “Lolo”, Malvys Shakes

…Cold pressed juices

Urban Orchad, Fit Food

“Typical Spanish”: Integrarse en la cultura del “tapeo” y platos picos españoles con opciones veganas y vegetarianas es posible 🙂

…»Typical Spanish»

Viva Chapata y Territorio Vegano (menú los miércoles),  Masa Madre Vegan Food (menú los jueves)

…The best vegan Spanish omelets

Viva Chapata (especialidad), Territorio vegano (sólo sábados, suelen hacer variaciones con chorizo, queso vegano, etc.), El Perro Gamberro, Rusc Fusion

…Tapas, traditional “veganized” dishes

El perro Gamberro, Masa Madre, B13, La Encomienda, Viva Chapata


Lacto-ovo vegetarian

AreaMalasaña Calle de Manuela Malasaña, 11

Venue: modern, eclectic decoration, trendy

Reservations: booking in advance is advised, especially on weekends: 910 23 27 06

Prices: approx. 20-30 € /person. Mon-Fri menu: 10-13 €.

Creative and international menu for all audiences and tastes. Recently opened, it has quickly become one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Madrid. It offers a lot of vegan options. A wide selection of international cuisine adaptations, from pizzas, Buddha bowls, burgers etc. and an interesting variety of filling starters. They update their menu frequently. They have a daily menu from Monday to Friday. Large portions for a reasonable price. Ideal place for a special lunch or dinner with friends.

Recommendations: pizza flower power, Buddha bowls (even though the dishes on the menu may vary).



AreaMalasaña Calle de San Vicente Ferrer, 16

Venue: modern, casual, cozy.
Reservations: booking in advance is advised, especially on weekends. 912 65 98 87

Prices: approx. 20-30 € / person. Mon-Fri menu: 10 – 11.50 €

First vegan Italian restaurant in Madrid, recently opened. They offer vegan versions of Italian dishes, carefully prepared, well presented, high quality raw materials, very tasty food. The pizza menu includes a selection of different doughs (gluten free, whole wheat, activated charcoal). Ideal place for dinner with friends. They have a reasonably priced menu from Monday to Friday, to choose from the pizza menu or the daily menu. On weekends the restaurant closes at 2am and they offer cocktails as well.

Recommendations: we recommend trying pizzas with different doughs, the ones with truffle in them are particularly delicious.



Area: Chueca Calle San Marcos, 17

Venue: rustic, casual 
Reservations: booking in advance is advised: 911 62 55 72 
Prices: approx. 20-35 € / person. Mon-Fri menu: 10 – 13 €.

Vegan restaurant, traditional “veganized” cuisine, organic and palm oil free. Vegan restaurant in Chueca, their not too ample menu offers traditional homemade “veganized” Spanish dishes (“cachopo”, croquettes, “meatballs”…) all free from palm oil. The pizzas are a standout, prepared with homemade cheese without coconut oil and high quality doughs, among the best ones in Madrid. Abundant portions and reasonable prices. Affordable menu from Monday to Friday, to choose from a daily first and second course or the pizza menu. They also have “cocido madrileño” (Madrilenian stew) on Thursdays.

Recommendations: The pizzas are highly recommended, they are very filling yet very tasty.



Area: Temple of Debod/Plaza de España Calle Luisa Fernanda, 27

Venue: rustic, casual, pleasant.

Reservations: booking in advance is advised, small venue: 912 94 08 40

Prices: approx. 15-30 € / person. Mon-Fri menu: 10 – 13 €

One of the first vegan restaurants in Madrid. Small venue but very cozy next to Temple of Debod. Homemade food, well prepared, they offer tapas, burgers and a daily menu. On Sundays and Thursdays they offer a delicious special dish: “homemade vegan ravioli”, with two different sauces to choose from. The restaurant staff is very friendly, good sized portions at fair prices. Their food is homemade and very tasty, recommended for a special lunch or dinner.

Recommendations:  their homemade croquettes are delicious (one serving includes different types), fried ravioli.


Vegan & veggie options

AreaLavapiés Calle del Ave María, 43

Venue: rustic, Mexican

Reservations: very busy, small

Venue: 915 30 10 93

Prices: approx. 15-25 € / person. Mon-Fri menu: 10 – 13 €

Despite not being a vegan restaurant, they offer a lot of vegan options to be considered, especially their “pincho” (one portion) of vegan Spanish omelet (one of the best in Madrid), as well as their cakes, tacos and arepas. Right in the middle of Lavapiés, it offers mostly Mexican and international food with vegan adaptations. From Monday to Friday they have a fairly priced menu, the portions are generous, including traditional homemade dishes (tacos, pizzas etc). Most of the cakes are vegan (they have approx. 6 different varieties every day). On Wednesdays they also offer vegan stew.

Recommendations: the “pincho” of Spanish omelet, the stew and the chocolate cake are among the best vegan versions of these foods in Madrid.



Area: Centro/Gran Vía Calle de la Ballesta, 13

Venue: eclectic

Reservations: they don’t take reservations, it’s usually very busy.

Prices: approx. 10-20 € / person.

One of the first vegan restaurants in Madrid, very ethically engaged. The portions are abundant, they offer kebabs, croquettes, deep fried squid rings, chorizo, platters, burgers, tapas, sandwiches etc. at a very fair price. For this reason, it’s usually very crowded. The food is inexpensive and homemade but not the healthiest (mostly deep fried). Vegan version of a conventional Madrid bar serving deep fried squid rings, patatas bravas, etc. We recommend visiting this place and taking the food to go since it’s normally so packed and with a waiting list. If you want to make sure you find an available spot, you should get there some minutes before they open.

Recommendations: burgers, “meatballs”



AreaRetiro Av. de Menéndez Pelayo, 61

Venue: modern, cozy.
Reservations: booking in advance is advised 911 27 57 52

Prices: approx. 25-35 € / person

The only vegan restaurant in the Retiro area, very good location. Located right opposite Retiro park, pleasant vegan restaurant with several raw vegan dishes and a very well designed, well balanced, healthy and colorful menu. The restaurant staff is particularly attentive and willing to answer any questions about the menu. If it’s your first time here and you go with someone, we recommend that you choose the sample menu and try an assortment of their best dishes at a good price.

Recommendations: mushroom skewers, raw vegan lasagna, mushroom en papillote. Nearly any option on the menu is a good choice.



Area: Huertas Calle Lope de Vega, 7

Venue: rustic, cozy

Reservations: advance booking is advised. 675 38 20 72

Prices:approx. 20-30 € / person Mon-Fri menu: 12 – 15 €

Colorful, conscious and seasonal food. Their menu is designed seasonally, fresh and seasonal produce, they don’t microwave or refrigerate food. Very creative dishes and well balanced nutritionally, perfectly plated, they have a daily menu from Monday to Friday and a separate menu on the weekends. Their weekend brunch is highly recommended with abundant portions and homemade breads. Depending on the season, the Sunday brunch may include pancakes. It’s important to make reservations well in advance as the venue is really small and crowded.

Recommendations: the daily menu, burgers, any brunch option especially the sandwich option.




Area: Austrias Costanilla de San Andrés, 16

Venue: cozy

Reservations: booking in advance is advised, especially on weekends: 913 66 33 49

Prices: approx. 20-30 € / person. Mon-Fri Menu: 11.95 €

Nice and warm restaurant specialized in vegan burgers. This restaurant offers as their main option a wide variety of homemade vegan burgers. Their menu also includes wraps and salads. The burger ingredients are essentially vegetables and legumes and don’t try to imitate the taste of meat. They offer different bread types, the portions are abundant and very well presented. The restaurant staff is very friendly and fast. They have a menu from Monday to Friday with a daily menu option (different international dishes depending on the day) or a hamburger option.

Recommendations: any burger on the menu is a good choice, especially the “Burger queen”.



Area: Austrias Calle de Segovia, 16

Venue: cozy Reservationsbooking in advance is advised, especially on weekends.

Reservations on their Facebook page.

Prices: approx. 15-25 € / person.

They define themselves as a “little vegan tavern”, traditional homemade food and big portions. Right in the middle of the Austrias neighborhood, casual and cozy vegan bar. Very efficient and friendly service. It’s the vegan version of the type of cuisine offered by the bars in that area (tapas etc). Very ample menu, you won’t know what to order. We recommend that you share several tapas with friends so that you can compare and try a little bit of everything. They only serve homemade, good quality food. They usually have a seasonal dish which is not on the menu, they also make paella, fideua and Spanish omelets on request. Definitely highly recommended.

Recommendations: croquettes (they vary seasonally, the portions are huge but you can order half a portion), Spanish omelet, “meatballs”, tacos and homemade chorizo.




AreaLatina Calle de López Silva, 4

Venue: cozy, casual

Reservations: usually not necessary to book in advance 910 82 73 28

Prices: approx. 15-20 € / person (the pizzas are a bit more expensive).

100% quality veggie option in this neighborhood. Very ethically engaged, they offer delicious burgers, pizzas and assorted starters (nachos, croquettes, hummus etc.) Each burger is named after an animal sanctuary to which they donate 1€ of the price. The restaurant staff is friendly, attentive and fast. Their menu is not too ample but it’s very well designed, high quality and reasonably priced.

Recommendations: pizzas and croquettes, but any option on the menu is an excellent choice.



Area:Tirso de Molina.Calle Encomienda, 19.

Atmosphere: modern, simple, cozy, trendy.

Booking:better to book during weekends: 910 29 13 00.

Price:approx. 20-30 euros per person. Lunch menufrom Monday to Friday: between 12 and 15 €. Creative and good quality cuisine, perfect to meet with friends, special occasions, couples, etc. Modern and cozy restaurant that takes great care of their seasonal menu, creative, with ecological products. Reasonable, well-balanced and healthy portions, appealing presentationsand good value for money. Very pleasant and helpful staff, they serve tapas, lunch menus from Monday to Friday and brunch on the weekends. Highly recommendable.

Suggestions:they change the menu each season, better to ask the staff.


Raw Vegan

Area: Malasaña. Calle Divino Pastor, 30.

Atmosphere: Modern, sober style and pleasant.

Booking:better to book: 914 45 33 64.

Price:approx.25-40 euros per person. First 100% raw vegan restaurant in Madrid. For those who look for something different and good quality. Make sure to go with plenty of time to enjoy the delicacies, textures, combinations and tastes of surprising dishes prepared below 40ºC (conserving this way all the nutrients and benefits of the food).The staff is specially helpful and will advise you about the best options if you are not familiar with this type of cuisine. All in all, one of the healthiest restaurants in Madrid.

Suggestions: meat balls andmoussaka,although any choice is sure to be the right one.


Vegetarian/vegan options

Area: Serrano. Calle de Serrano, 240.

Atmosphere: cozy, rustic.

Booking:better to book.914 21 29 52.

Price: approx. 20-30 euros per person. Not in the centre, eco restaurant with a market, a coffee shop and a restaurant. Although it’s not vegetarian it has many vegetarian and vegan options in its menu. Very spacious and welcoming restaurant on two floors, with a play areafor children and a terrace. Worth checking out, very comfortable and pleasant. From breakfast to dinner, well-prepared and good quality dishes.



Area: Centre/Gran Vía.Calle Concepción Arenal, 3.

Cuisine: Asian.Booking: not needed. 915 23 12 20.

Price: approx. 15-25 euros per person.Asian Buffet, a vegetarian “all you can eat”. Even if it’s not the most healthy choice, it’s worth a visit because of the price and the opportunity to try a buffet with “veganized” typical Chinese dishes (“duck”, “shrimps”, “beef”, etc based on textured soy, tofu, etc). They also have special menus. Many different choices, salads, makis, everything is vegan except some desserts.



Area:Lavapiés. Calle del Dr. Fourquet, 32

Atmosphere: rustic. Booking: better to book, especially during weekends,911 10 13 53.

Price:approx. 20-30 euros per person.

Lunch menuFrom Monday to Friday between 10 and 15 €. Perfect option in Lavapiés, big portions to share (raciones), tapas and 100% homemade cuisine. Only two years old, this restaurant has become one of the best vegans in Madrid, winning the last Lavapiés tapas contest. With seasonal changes in the menu, they are always open to experiment taking into account their clients feedback in social media. They offer homemade food like nachos, hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, etc. They have an economic lunchtime menuduring weekdays and breakfast and brunch offers during weekends. In addition to the menu, on Saturdays they cook a delicious Spanish tortilla (omelette) with onion confit, one of the best tortillas in Madrid. Sometimes they make variations with chorizo, cheese, etc.On Sundays they have ensaladilla rusa (a delicious potato salad). They also have temporary animal rights exhibitions.

Suggestions: pincho de tortilla (individual portion of Spanish omelette), croquetones de espinacas (big spinach croquettes)


Vegetarian/vegan options

Areas: Barrio de Salamanca. Calle de Velázquez, 11.

Atmosphere: Sophisticated proposal in barrio de Salamanca, cute and exotic.

Booking: Better to book, you can only do it through their web page:

Price:approx. 20-30 euros per person.

Vegetarian and vegan healthy choices, their kitchen is open the whole day with special menus and brunches with different options during weekends. Balanced dishes, cooked with special care. Highly recommendable for celebrations and special occasions.

Suggestions:vegan oysters



Area:Centre/Gran Vía. Calle de la Luna, 9.

Atmosphere:modern and cozy

Booking:Better to book, especially at weekends: 910 70 49 69.

Price: approx. 20-30 euros per person.

Weekdays lunch menu:between 12 and 15 €. One of the first vegan restaurants in Madrid, big brother of “La Encomienda”, they offer balanced and colorful dishes that change each season, tapas, etc. Their name has grown so much the past years that bookings are a “must” and service is sometimes not up to expectation.It’s worth trying, but with the increasing vegan offer in Madrid, it’s not imperative.



Area:  Centre/Fuencarral. Calle Hernán Cortés, 8.

Atmosphere:tiny and cozy

Booking:booking required: 910 22 62 40.

Price:approx.10-20 euros per person.

For hummus lovers. Tiny and economic restaurant with two floors-always full-, specialized in different combinations of an exquisite and homemade hummus. It also offers some salads and tapas as side dishes that vary each week. All the different hummus combinations are spectacular. Staff is efficient and helpful, it’s always very busy so make sure you book previously. If you don’t book, you can sign up for the waiting list, or show up a few minutes before they open.


Vegetarian/vegan options

Area: Nuevos Ministerios. Paseo de la Castellana, 89,

Atmosphere: big, modern and welcoming.

Booking:No bookings allowed.

Price: approx. 20-30 euros per person.

For Buddha bowls and XL salad lovers. Although it boasts a wide menu with “pre-designed” salads, their main offer is based on the “create your own dish” concept and covers the three main macronutrients to choose from among a variety of equally tempting ingredients and options. The result is tasty, colorful, healthy and generous dishes. They also have starters, desserts and “open bar” of flavoured waters. Very good option if you are around the area.

Suggestions: all options are good, it’s fun to create your own dish.


Opciones Vegetarianas/veganas

Area: Conde Duque. Pl. de las Comendadoras 9

Atmosphere: Big, modern, dinamic space.

Booking:No bookings allowed.

Price:approx. 20-30 euros per person

Good, healthy and diverse food, ideal place to take a strong breakfast before exploring the city.



99% vegan (they serve cow milk)

Area: Bilbao. Calle Francisco de Rojas, 9

Atmosphere: modern, cozy, simple and minimalist decoration. They have a work space in the ground floor. Very helpful and pleasant staff.

Booking: It’s not necessary.910 56 29 65.

Price:approx. 10-20 euros per person.

Lunch menuduring weekdays: between 12 and 15 €. Excellent fresh ingredients, love for food, very healthy and detail-oriented. All kinds of good quality and imported coffees and teas, exquisite and healthy bakery (sponge cake, pies, etc), breakfast and tea. They also have salty quiches and toasts, everything 100% green. They complete their offer with an original, exquisite, balanced and detail-oriented lunch menufrom Monday to Friday, and during weekends a complete and delicious brunch. The menu design is balanced and healthy, with a slight Lebanese influence and at a good price. Perfect for brunch, lunch or an afternoon sweet snack. Good value for money, excellent service, meticulous and lots of love for what they do.

Suggestions:everything! Impossible to decide, a must.



Area: Conde Duque/Plaza España. Calle Cristo, 3.

Atmosphere: rustic, modern, trendy, cozy.

Price: doughnut 2,5 €, drinks between 2 and 5 €.

First coffee shop in Madrid specialized in 100% homemade vegan doughnuts. Although they have not been open long, they are very well-known among both vegans and non-vegans. The doughnut production is 100%  traditional, done daily with lots of care and free of palm oil, very tasty and filling (each one is 150 gr!).They have a great flavour choice and filled doughnuts (berlinas). Each day they offer several different flavours, great for special occasions and on Sundays they also offer cinnamon rolls. They have coffee, juices and different seasonal green drinks to go with your doughnuts. Despite the opening hour, the production is handmade and limited and they have a very high demand. To make sure you will have your favourite doughnut, it’s advisable to go in the morning, especially during weekends when they have usually sold out by lunchtime.

Suggestions: berlinas rellenas (filled doughnuts) and…practically all of the doughnuts! A must.



Area: Chueca. Calle San Gregorio, 17.

Atmosphere: modern, cozy.

Booking:not necessary. 648 73 27 83.

Price:approx. 10-20 euros per person.

Tiny restaurant with vegan dishes cooked with special care, ecologic and top quality. Recently open and although their first intention was to cook takeaway meals, they have added a few small tables for their customers to enjoy delicious dishes in their restaurant. Very meticulous and thoughtful offers (daily updated in their web page), quality is a must, good taste and creativity in their balanced and healthy dishes. Menus with special combinations for breakfasts (bowls, toasts, raw vegan granola, etc.), lunches and brunch (Saturdays). Outstanding sweets and bakery -all of them very healthy-, some of them gluten-free (raw cakes, chocolates, etc.). They complete their offer with beginners vegan cooking courses and catering for events, birthdays, etc.

Suggestions: toasts with cashew cheese, oat scones, kale salads, raw vegan granola, New York cheesecake and practically everything on their menu.



Area: Centre/Gran vía.Calle Estrella, 5.

Atmosphere:modern, minimalist, trendy, oriental.

Booking:Small coffee shop,better to book for groups: 699 72 70 47.

Price:approx. 6-15 euros per person.

Cozy and modern coffee shop to enjoy brunch, a light meal or a coffee. Next to Gran Vía, they have “à la carte” menu, brunch menu and a daily light lunch menu at a good price. They have very good quality imported coffees, homemade cakes and dishes “a la carte” like toasts, tarts…etc.

Suggestions: if you are not so hungry or don’t have a big appetite, the light menu is just fine. Great place to have a coffee with a homemade piece of cake after lunch or for tea. Excellent tarts.


Gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options

Area: Centre/Gran Vía. Different spots in the city.

Atmosphere: cozy.

Booking:not allowed, it’s usually busy, it’s advisable to go to the biggest one in C/Barquillo 19.

Price:approx. 6-15 euros per person. Excellent option for tea time, delicious gluten free muffins and cakes with vegan options. Famous in Madrid among gluten intolerants. They basically offer bakery (mainly muffins) and gluten free bread. But they also offer vegan and raw vegan cakes, and combinations of breakfast, lunch and tea time menus.





Area: Tirso de Molina.Mercado Antón Martín, stand number 26, Main floor. Calle Santa Isabel, 5.

Atmosphere: Very tiny, inside a market, only two tables, better take away.

Booking: Not necessary. 605 61 39 33.

Price:approx. 10-20 euros per person.

Restaurant inside the market (mercado) of Tirso de Molina, specialized in healthy food with many vegan raw options, cold pressed juices, etc. They offer breakfasts, lunch and tea, all very good quality and 100% organic. In the menu there are toasts, smoothie bowls, sandwiches, salads, wraps and delicious vegan raw cakes. Very advisable to try their fresh cold pressed juices. Good option to take away or to grab a bite if you are hanging out in the area. They have the dish of the day from Monday to Friday.

Suggestions : Raw vegan cakes(spectacular banoffe!)


“Take away” vegan

Area: Malasaña. Calle Ruiz, 5

Atmosphere:Modern, cozy. 910 64 74 69

Price: approx. 12-20 euros per person.

Recently open, they offer 100% vegan daily menus, homemade bread, sweets and desserts. 100% homemade cuisine with certain basque influence, everything to take away. Menus are basically based on a starter (normally cereal or legumes), main plate (normally green “meat”) and dessert. Plenty and filling portions, worth a visit.

Suggestions: Cheesecake, the most “similar” to an animal origin cheesecake.


Vegetarian and vegan options

Healthyfood franchise, several spots in the city

Atmosphere: modern.

Booking:not necessary.

For cold pressed juices and smoothie bowls lovers. Franchise in several spots in Madrid (see web page). Depending on the area, they offer take away food or you can eat there. Mainly cold pressed juices and smoothie bowls, but they also have creams, salads, toasts, sandwiches, desserts and a little shop to buy superfoods, granola, accessories, etc.

Suggestions:Every smoothie bowl, success guaranteed.


As most of the 100% green options in ice cream shops are usually fruit sorbets, these ice cream shops stand out offering more elaborated vegan flavours


Vegan options

Area: Several spots around the city, check website

Atmosphere:modern, cozy, rustic

Booking:Not necessary.915 53 03 95

Price:approx. 4-10 euros per person.

Franchise of ice cream shops with the biggest offer of vegan options in Madrid. Outstanding because of the surprising vegan flavours in their menu, not only sorbets but also chocolates with different intensities, fruit mixes…They also have cookies, cakes (apple and carrot), cookies, vegan muffins. The ice cream cones are also vegan. Definitely recommendable.

Other appealing ice cream shops that also offer vegan options:

Sani Sapori

Calle de Lavapiés, 31. Several vegan flavours and sugar-free. Vegan ice cream cones.

Suggestion:chocolate ice cream with soy.

Polos LOLO

Calle del Espíritu Santo, 16. Homemade ice lollies (polos), done with fresh fruit and plenty of love. They change flavours, and always have vegan options.


Ice cream franchise, several shops in the city. Check web page: www.amorino.comSeveral shops in Madrid, they offer different vegan flavours. Especially advisable the chocolate and hazelnut flavours.

La Romana

Ice cream franchise, several shops in the city. Check web page: https://www.gelateriaromana.comCozy ice cream shops, very elaborated and diverse flavours, they have several vegan options among their ice creams and bakery.



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